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Client: FarmToonz

About the Project

Farm Toonz introduces preschoolers to 10 animals where they can practice skills important for their Literacy process (2-5 years). Toddlers will love being encouraged to explore, as everything they touch has a name as well as confetti for their curious fingers. Farm Toonz will help your child recognize words and letters; They will learn how to spell each animal, a fun fact about them, where they live, and what they eat.

Each scene is filled with a picturesque farm. Illustrations of hills, beautiful sky, farm elements such as Barn, trees, flowers fill your ipad inviting your child’s participation feeding their curiosity. As they touch the screen elements come to life by saying what they are. Satisfy their curious fingers as finger confetti fills the screen.  

Kids will learn:

  • Spelling of  each animal,
  • Fun fact about each animal
  • Where each animal lives
  • What each animal eats


  • 10 interactive Farm Animals
  • Interactive vegetation
  • Spelling of farm animals
  • Easy-to-use interface

Our work for the Project

Everything you see from app design, character design, voice over, products and app deployment.

Current logo for FarmToonz




*Photos provided by FarmToonz

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