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Client: CrossLife Church

About the client

Every client has a unique set of goals and needs. First Baptist Church of Oviedo has history in its community. It’s been established for many years and has multiple campuses. They were looking to reflect how much the church dynamics had grown over the years.
We began with their name, changing it would be a big change. But it would be a needed one. They needed a name that spoke to who they are, to encompass their growth in the community. This change was carefully considered. Meeting with leaders numerous times until we found best new name, CrossLife Church.

Our work for the client

We continued with a full rebrand and brand guide. CrossLife Church gave us a unique opportunity and challenge. They have a diverse congregation with two separate services which target fully different age groups. Our challenge was to create a timeless brand that can reach multiple demographics with the church and the community. Integrating new aspects to reflect this growing community while at the same time honoring the history of its place in the area.

  • Logo Design
  • Church Consulting
  • Printing
  • Web Development

Current logo for CrossLife Church


*Photos provided by CrossLife Church

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