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Product Of The Month: L Stand

Product Of The Month: L Stand

Often the best way we see to display things is to hang them on the walls. However this can lead to a cluttered look for your space. Your office should have a warm, welcoming but also professional look.

Utilize your space with this beautifully designed L stand. This stand will allow for you to feature more of your products and services without cluttering up the wall space in your office. Great to use for a booth at an Expo show as well as it it portable.

Contact us or kindly refer a friend for our services!

Are You Ready For Summer?

Are You Ready For Summer?

Summer is here! Which means summer camps and events are happening. For this you will need t-shirts! AT Studios offers in house printing services! By not relying on an outside company we ensure quality with your logo and preferred colors. 


If you’re having summer events, trips or camps get your orders in early!


We are here to help!  


Heres’ our latest printing projects!

  • Summer Camp Shirts for churches and schools.
  • Caps- It’s hot out there! Get your logo on a cool cap!
  • Dry-fit shirts help you stay dry as you enjoy hot summer time.
  • Goodie bags for events and as gifts.


Summer is also the time to prepare for Fall events! Getting in your orders and ideas sooner helps to execute events better.

Will you please connect me to anyone you believe could benefit from our printing services?


FYI  10% of every project we execute is donated to a church/charity of your choice.


Thank you for helping us grow.


How Exciting!

How Exciting!

Hello my friends!


We’ve missed you 🙂

We love creating opportunities to serve you, your business or ministry. That is what we have been busy working on lately, to expand our services!

Here’s what we do:

  • Branding & Websites: We do full on web development big and small. We also develop brand identity and help to rebrand if needed for businesses and ministries.
  • Printing: Currently, we print shirts, banners and promotional materials in house. We are always looking for exciting new areas to serve you in printing to promote your brand identity.
  • Consulting: Check out our consulting site where we offer ministry and leadership consulting.


All of our services are in one place with one firm who knows you best. Do you know someone who could use our expertise in web design, printing and consulting to expand their business? Kindly refer them today! We’d love to get to know them and serve them in these ways.


Thank you in advance for any referrals to our Design Studios and thank you for helping us GROW as we help your business and ministries grow!


Have an awesome week!



We love to take a client’s vision and bring it to life.

For this project the goal was to shoot Downtown Orlando at its natural beauty.

Our shots were focused on what a visitor would expect if they came for an afternoon walk.
No staged lighting, no staged pictures. Simply Downtown Orlando at its best.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

ATS is excited to not only be their Apparel Printers, but also FMSC Sponsors.


This year, Feed My Starving Children will produce about 270 million meals for malnourished children around the world, with the help of about one million volunteers. The Tamiami Park was the biggest in the organization’s history.


Feed My Starving Children is a non-profit Christian organization committed to feeding God’s children hungry in body and spirit. The approach is simple: children and adults hand-pack meals specifically formulated for malnourished children, and ship these meals to distribution partners. FMSC meals have reached nearly 70 countries around the world in our history.


The food being packaged is a rice mix, which has 20 different vitamins and micronutrients, soy protein and dehydrated vegetables. It is formulated to help malnourished children get back to health. The warehouse was full of festive volunteers, dancing to the surrounding music and cheering after every box is filled. ATS not only donated resources, finances and time but we also embrace their vision. We were excited to join them in  Miami to support their goal in packing millions of meals for starving kids around the world.

Make a difference in kids lives, learn more and give. Visit for more information.

Three Reasons to Rebrand

Three Reasons to Rebrand

The importance of having a brand is important for not only businesses but also churches. Just as businesses need to refresh their logo and tagline, so do churches. Here are three reasons that churches need to rebrand themselves. A brand is a way to communicate who you are and convey your message. Here are three reasons why a church may need to rebrand.

  1. Reestablish yourself in the community. This may be needed due to a change in leadership and or congregation. By rebranding or even creating a brand from scratch allows for people to rediscover or discover the church for the first time.
  2. Define Your Tagline- A tagline is part of your brand. This sums up your brand in an easy sentence. This is what we created for our client CrossLife Church “Living a Life that Matters”. A simple sentence that encompasses the identity of this church. This allows for people to state what this church is about in a simple, eloquent sentence. It helps to tie in all aspects of life this client hopes to encompass in every area of ministry.
  3. A New Logo– A simple design that continues to exemplify the brand and tagline. Logos are usually associated with a business but churches need them as well. Having a recognizable logo continues the work of establishing your church in the community. A logo and the color scheme that goes is easy to place on shirts, ties in with the website and cements how to identify your church in the minds of the community.