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An SMP ( Strategic Marketing plan) is not something to be taken lightly. It is not the place to be cutting corners or leaving it the last minute.

Successful campaigns must be strategic, laser focused, thoroughly researched and tested, detail oriented  and must be perfectly executed. Finally a strategic marketing plan must be measureable analyzed for effectiveness.

Strategic marketing campaign starts with knowing what makes your product unique. Why choose your product in a sea of competitors.  

Strategic marketing plans affect your brand, culture and design. Strategic marketing plans are relevant and memorable and produce results. 


Strategic plans include the following: 

First, we determine your unique product. We create what we call our Unique selling point. We evaluate every aspect of the product. 

Price, packaging, features, design, competition and uniqueness.   

Here we determine why your product is the best product in the world and how we are going to get it in the hands of your target consumers. 

Then, we thoroughly research the market. We determine our target market, our perfect client, our demographics, target location, how to reach them, where they reside, their hobbies their lifestyle, blogs, social media and what they are likely to search and buy. We determine and focus on getting our product in their hands. 


Finally, we create an action plan that will produce growth and begin designing to fit the target market in the following areas:

  • Print Advertising- We design and print as needed to create an awesome campaign. 
  • Social Media – We design social media posts to reach our market. 
  • Radio and TV Advertising- We create copy that is relevant and cohesive to the campaign and brand, 
  • Press Releases and copywriting as necessary.

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