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The app development process can be broken out into four major parts:

  1. Vision: This is the moment you decide “ I would like an app that does X,Y and Z”.  We listen and sketch out your vision ask questions and understand your vision fully in order to strategize to step 2.
  2. Wire Framing:  This is a very important step, where we determine how to bring to life what you envisioned. In this step we go through step by step – screen by screen. What happens when I press this button? How do I get to the home screen? Will we have in app purchases, adds or sharing capabilities?
  3. Design: The design of the app begins at this stage as the branding work hand in hand with function.  As designers we create every single asset and button on your app. Design can make or break an app we take this step very serious. We create an iconic logo, an awesome eye catching app icon, screen tabs, tab icons and unique assets needed for an incredible product.


This step is crucial as we determine every single icon and button before it goes to coding.

  1. Coding: During this phase- we code and test all functions you envisioned in step one. We find solutions to problems integrate SDKs and research the best solutions problems that may arise in the future as the app grows.
  2. Launch: – Making the app live in the app store is the culmination of all our hard work! It is exciting and nerve wrecking.


We teach you how to monitor your app through itunes connect.  Here you can see your progress, downloads and revenue.

Why do we love this? because we have done it for ourselves and LOVE IT!

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