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About Us

We’re creative masterminds.

AT Studios is a Brand, Web and Campaign Development company with offices in Miami and Central Florida. We are a leader in branding and website development servicing multi-site mega churches. We have worked closely with businesses, organizations, and individuals to create outstanding online and on campus experience. We take pride on our church planting background and creative implementation to reach and serve your community. We are here for you to make sure it all comes together just right! Right from the start.


Our Mission

AT Studios creative masterminds work alongside you to bring your project to life from vision to completion.

We AT Studios believe in empowering churches and companies to effectively deliver “their message” through relevant design and focused strategies in web, brand and campaign development. We turn ideas into effective solutions by focusing on strategy, development and branding.


Our Vision

We are on a  journey of empowering our clients with our gifts. We invite you to journey with us, and allow us to journey with you.




It began with two  individuals who desired to create a one of a kind studio where technology, Branding and  church planting would be integrated seamlessly.

This was  the beginning of our story. . .

We began to build the  dream team. We made mistakes, we gained experience.  We learned new tricks of the trade and created our own products. Products that we now bring to our elite clientele.

We dreamed, we learned, we built, we prayed, we dreamed some more, we prayed some more.



We developed our in house creative process, our mastermind  team and our unique products.

We are  proprietors’ of the following  technology brands, Its assets and copyrights. APPS: Farm Toonz, Blessed Photo Editor and Toonz Club. (Available in the iTunes store.)



We launched ATS Academy. We were certified in France, the US and South America. We do this because we believe in investing in our future creatives.



Creative Group offices in Central Florida

We bring a long list of experience, value and excessive creativity. Every client has the unique opportunity to work directly with one who understands the start up phase as well as the building and growing stages of your brand.

We are on a  journey of empowering our clients with our gifts. We’d love to journey with you.

AT Studios bringing creative masterminds to work alongside you to bring your project to life from vision to completion.

What we do?

It is our job to help you with your brand, marketing and website designs so you can stay focused on your companies needs.

How we do it?

We work with start ups, small business to industry-leading digital marketing agencies that specializes in digital advertising.

Why Choose Us?

Today, having a website is just not enough! A business must have a laser focused mission a have a strategy, an App and a great looking brand; these are basic essentials.

Our Team

Andy Toonz

Andy Toonz

Creative Director

Joe Rodriguez

Joe Rodriguez

Marketing Expert/ Design Instructor

Candice Heyaime

Candice Heyaime

Project Manager

Linda Connelly

Linda Connelly


Sam C.

Sam C.

Web Developer/Programmer

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