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Are You A Church Planter

Are You A Church Planter

I was a church planter for six years. I had the opportunity to be part of God’s expansion of church from the starting phase to immense growth. I learned many hard lessons that I want to share with you.  

Church planting can be a spiritually, emotionally and financially draining task

I understand what it takes and the walls that you can hit as a church planter. My experiences in church planting have fed directly into what I do today, I’ve helped leaders strategize growth for their church for years, at both mega churches and startups alike.

I have launched my website to resource you through all my failures and successes. It is my desire that this helps you Be Fearless. I share the best ideas for leadership in the church as a startup looking to grow. You will also see the opportunities for an awesome mentorship program designed just for you.  


If you’re a church planter or know a church planter, will you please connect with me?

I’d love to hear how I or my Design Studio can help you grow.


Will you please connect me to  anyone you believe could benefit from all my knowledge?

FYI  10% of every project we execute is donated to a church/charity of your choice.


Thank you for helping us grow.


Product Of The Month: L Stand

Product Of The Month: L Stand

Often the best way we see to display things is to hang them on the walls. However this can lead to a cluttered look for your space. Your office should have a warm, welcoming but also professional look.

Utilize your space with this beautifully designed L stand. This stand will allow for you to feature more of your products and services without cluttering up the wall space in your office. Great to use for a booth at an Expo show as well as it it portable.

Contact us or kindly refer a friend for our services!