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Three Reasons to Rebrand

Three Reasons to Rebrand

The importance of having a brand is important for not only businesses but also churches. Just as businesses need to refresh their logo and tagline, so do churches. Here are three reasons that churches need to rebrand themselves. A brand is a way to communicate who you are and convey your message. Here are three reasons why a church may need to rebrand.

  1. Reestablish yourself in the community. This may be needed due to a change in leadership and or congregation. By rebranding or even creating a brand from scratch allows for people to rediscover or discover the church for the first time.
  2. Define Your Tagline- A tagline is part of your brand. This sums up your brand in an easy sentence. This is what we created for our client CrossLife Church “Living a Life that Matters”. A simple sentence that encompasses the identity of this church. This allows for people to state what this church is about in a simple, eloquent sentence. It helps to tie in all aspects of life this client hopes to encompass in every area of ministry.
  3. A New Logo– A simple design that continues to exemplify the brand and tagline. Logos are usually associated with a business but churches need them as well. Having a recognizable logo continues the work of establishing your church in the community. A logo and the color scheme that goes is easy to place on shirts, ties in with the website and cements how to identify your church in the minds of the community.
More Than Just Design

More Than Just Design

Here at AT Studios we are more than simply a design company. Our vision is to guide your company to  navigate these marketing waters. We begin with you, a conversation to understand who you are and what your particular needs we can meet. From here we create your brand, website and social media strategy.

 We are so excited to launch our very own wordpress template designed specially for churches!

 Why have we done this? In the last few months the bulk of our clientele have been  churches looking to either rebrand themselves or launch a new church. After looking at what templates were offered currently on WordPress, it became clear there was a unique need not being met.

We created a template that we believe meets these needs. This template is user friendly for both those familiar with using WordPress and those who are new to it. It’s fully customizable and user friendly. This will enable any user to easily adapt it for their needs. Making this easy and uncomplicated was essential for us.

 As we create your web site, we also work with you to help you understand how it works. Why it is so important to create a brand that is easy to identify as well as using social media. In understanding who you are we are able to tailor a social media strategy for you.

 It would be easy to design your web site and leave it at that. But this is not our mission. Our mission is to enable your business or church to succeed in the web world.

5 Ways To Lead Creatives

5 Ways To Lead Creatives

I have the pleasure of leading several teams at a time. I have to admit leading creatives is quite different from leading a 9-5 management team. Creatives are usually laid back, not uptight individuals who look at the world in a very unique way.Below here  are steps I use to leading fun and successful teams of creatives. Have fun and do not be uptight. Creatives are usually fun and tend to open up once they are comfortable.

1-Have a agenda. Creatives can get very emotional and excited about projects/ ideas colors and brand. Having an agenda will help them to have a road map for their projects. If they know the boundaries for the project they will stay focused on the task at hand. However, do not discount any ideas that may be used for a future project! Something may not work for a current project but may be perfect for a future one.

2- Have a activity or game. From simple game to a team building activity.  Why games? Your team of creatives may not know each other well. Fun, team building games will help build up trust.Creatives tend to enjoy a fun environment. Games help break the monotony and release creative juices. Below are a few games that have been fun for us to do ! Two Truths and a Lie– This is a fun way for a group of people to get to know each other! Figuring out which is the lie and which is the truth! Any game similar to Charades. One where communication is key for any team to work well together. Trust falls- This is a great way for teams to learn more about each other. Learning about each other’s boundaries and opportunities  growth. Don’t try to force things. You want genuine engagement with your team.

3- Always feed the ego and praise in public. I’ve learned from that a piece of them is In every project. There is an emotional egotistical connection. I always look for ways to feed my teams ego. A current project, a post on their social media or a new creation they are working on. And I constantly praise them In public.

4- Do something for them. This could be as simple as bringing them their favorite snack or beverage. Supporting them in their projects outside of the work they do for you. By acknowledging that they do have dreams and goals outside of  your company will go a long way to nurturing loyalty to business.

5- Always have final steps to follow with expected dates. This is important creatives can linger on things and leave it to the last minute. It’s almost a rush to them. Before you head out have clear set dates of expected projects. I struggled months learning how to and what to do. If you think you will lead and force creatives to stick to a “management ” style you are in for a surprise.

It will be fun but it will take some adjustments specially if you’re a result driven vision focused leader with a tight schedule. Below are ways I break up a one hour meeting.

Praises! Start by praising their posts, projects or actions.

Real business talk – clients updates.

Fun- release them for coffee and donuts.

Serious – next week focus Fun- fun team building activity. Dates on expected results.

These are suggestions that have worked for us at ATS. It is always a challenge to learn how people work and think. In the end it is worth it as the projects come together and the business grows!

Mega Bus Experience

Mega Bus Experience

There’s comes a point when things you considered important are not as important. I needed to be in Miami at a certain time and back in Orlando for meetings and the such. Instead of paying a high price for airline tickets and the such I decided I would give Mega bus a shot. The process was pretty simple. Go online but a ticket. Unlike gray hound you can not but one at the counter. So I went online and thought I would splurge on a good seat since I was saving money instead of an airline ticket. I bought a reserve seat wide window. At this point o had no idea of the seat or bus. I have to admit the check in place was not warm and cozy but it was functional which at this point was the most important thing.

I arrived early and check in got my assigned seat. All was well. Then came the bus. So my seat was number 10 second floor. Yes, wide windows for my viewing pleasure. There was no one next to me the whole time which was great. The seats are very comfy with a small tray for drinks. Which was great. Awesome leg room and a view.

Power outlets for any electronics, free wi-fi and a restroom. Now this is what sold me on trying the mega bus. The free wi-fi and plugs. I find great satisfaction on getting some work done as I travel. I arrived early to Miami which was also convenient as I was having my brother pick me up. Concourse H is pretty much away from all the airport chaos. All in all its a great service, convenient and inexpensive.


6 Marketing Techniques For Churches

6 Marketing Techniques For Churches

It may be surprising that marketing techniques used in business can also be applied to churches. But this should not. Marketing is used to reach people. Churches are made up of community of people. However, they need to know to about the church.

Here are our six techniques:

  1.  Identity– An identity is important for businesses and so it is for churches. Churches can vary in their identities and without a strong sense of one, the rest does not matter.
  2. Tag Line– what makes you remember a product or place? Chances are it is a great tagline. Creating one for a church speaks to its identity, summing it up in brief phrase. This is what we came up with for our most recent client Cross Life.
  3. Web Design– A great website is essential. It is often the first encounter with the church or business. It has to encompass the identity and tagline. Along with being easy to navigate and connect.
  4.  Social Media– Using social media is the easiest way to connect to others. Having a good landing page is important to get the message out there. This cements the identity and tagline in the mind of your targeted audience.
  5. Promotion- Promoting of sermon series. We find churches go all out about promoting events but do not set aside a budget to promote new sermon series. The right marketing strategy is key to “selling” your product.
  6.  Signage– Lastly we have signage. This ties in everything, branding, logo, identity and tagline. One glance and it is known exactly where they are or should go to. Check out our posts on “is your church ready for Easter” where we address things such as proper signage.

 All these techniques come together to send the message of your church. We can help your church or ministry navigate these.

Contact us at and we can have a chat!

 I will also be teaching at a couple of  conferences in October click on the link below to connect and learn more!

Would love to see you there!!